Go everywhere. Meet everyone. Do everything.
Looking for that sweet spot between independent backpacking and organized group tours? Congratulations; you found it. Classic tours combine the support and security of group travel, unbeatable variety, and the flexibility to go off-script when fate says, “Hey, let’s do this.”
Everything, everywhere, all the time
For experienced travellers like Tristan, the surface stuff just isn’t enough. They want to dig into a place and figure out what makes it tick. That’s the mindset that powers every Classic trip; a solid mix of the highlights you came for and loads of experiences you never even knew you could do, all arranged and handled by a connected local expert.
A whole planet to play with
Tristan and travellers like him choose Classic tours because they offer the widest variety possible, both in terms of destinations and departures, and within the tour itself. Each itinerary is built to deliver an unmatchable balance of must-see highlights, spontaneous situations, insider access, and under-the-radar encounters with local people and culture that you just can’t get on your own.

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